7 Common Causes Of Garage Door Noise

Garage door noise issue


The garage door has a number of moving parts that work together to create the opening and closing of the door. If any of these parts are out of whack then there’s going to be some noise involved. While this is normal and expected, there are some other cases where this noise can be more than just a minor annoyance. There are many common causes of garage door noise that you should be aware of so you can address it quickly and get back to work.

1. Improper Installation

If your garage door was installed improperly, then you may be experiencing some noise. A problem with installation generally stems from the fact that the rails are not parallel to the ground or that they’re not even on each side of the centerline. In most cases, this is caused by fitting a new door into an existing door opening without spending the time to adjust and level everything properly. If this is the case and your garage door is making unbearable noise, then you should get a professional to fix it for you.

2. Poor Lubrication

Thank goodness, this is not a new problem. In most cases, it’s caused by neglecting to lubricate your garage door. You should make sure that you occasionally use an oil-based lubricant on all of the moving parts on your door and have it professionally serviced every once in a while. If you’re in the habit of doing this yourself, then you need to start taking more time to do so.

3. Bent Tracks

Similar to improper installation, bent tracks can also lead to major issues. When you have warped or misaligned tracks, this will result in the door having issues closing and opening properly. This problem can be both annoying and costly if left to continue for too long. Make sure that you check your tracks once in a while so that you can catch any problems early on before they become huge issues.

4. Off-Balance Door

This is another very common issue that can be caused by a variety of things over time. An unbalanced door can cause the rollers, hinges, and springs to wear out much more quickly than they should have. This problem can lead to a very loud garage door that isn’t able to open or close properly.

5. Worn Rollers

If the rollers on your garage door are worn out, then expect a loud and unreliable door. The rollers are what keep the door moving smoothly back and forth. You can replace them by taking the entire roller assembly out and replacing them with ones of your choosing.

6. Faulty Opener

A faulty opener can sound like a broken garage door that’s making a noise that it shouldn’t. This problem is very easy to identify once you know what you’re listening for. Don’t be afraid to closely examine your opener to see if you notice any problems with the way it’s running or moving.

7. Loose Hinges

If you have loose hinges on your door, then it’s likely that the door is going to make a lot of noise while moving. When your hinges are loose, then they can tend to move around and grind into the opening of your garage door. This can cause a lot of extra damage to those areas and should be handled right away before it becomes too much of an issue.


To sum it all up, garage doors can absolutely be a source of noise. When you properly take the time to clean them, inspect them, and lubricate them, then those noise issues should disappear completely. Even if you have no issue with your current door or opener, it’s always good to keep your eyes open and look out for any potential problems that could lead to noise issues in the future.