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Garage Door Springs & Opener Repair

Garage door extension springs has been the most common springs for opening a garage door.

However, Torsion springs are used for this purpose as well, and is a more sophisticated type of spring. Nowadays Overhead Garage Doors feature mostly Torsion springs, though extension Garage Door springs are still common. Most double car Garage Doors usually feature torsion springs.

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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair & Replacement

Torsion springs are a crucial component of most garage door systems and must be correctly installed. The Garage Door springs are twisting steel that retains the force in the twist of the internal bar, and are responsible for opening and closing the Garage Door. The Torsion springs act as a counterweight to the door. When the door closes, it pulls on cables that tightly coil the springs, creating a buildup of tension. Torsion springs are located at the upper section of the Garage Door and are usually mounted on the Garage Door header. The average torsion spring has a lifespan of about 10,000 cycles of opening and closing the Garage Door or approximately seven to eight years, ( although longer-lasting spring systems exist) depending on how frequently it’s used.

Eventually, Garage Doors Springs will break at some point and they must be replaced. This is because of the amount of pressure that is put on these springs on a daily basis. If your garage door springs are broken or need a replacement please contact us at Garage Door Springs And Opener Repair to schedule an appointment for same-day service at an affordable price for replacing the garage door torsion springs.

Garage Door Springs

& Opener Repair - Extension springs​

Extension springs are known to be the older Garage Door spring system. They have a hook on each end and when purchased, they will be in their compressed state. The extension springs are mounted on both sides of the garage door attaching to the track supports at one end and to the tracks at the other end via the cables. Its main difference from torsion springs is that the extension spring is based on distance; the further it is

extended, the more force is applied on the spring. At Garage Door Spring And Opener Repair we provide the highest quality of garage door repair services.

Our highly trained professional technicians and premium parts will get your garage door back in working order. Don’t settle for less, call Garage Door And Opener Repair Today!
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