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Your Garage Door opener is not working correctly? Want to install a new garage door motor? Need to replace your garage door opener remote?

You’re in luck! Garage Door Springs and Opener Repair offer 24/7 repair service to ensure the safety of your home.

We are here to help you fix your all residential garage door opener-related issues.

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Garage Door Spring And Opener Repair specializes in top-quality garage door opener brands and we are professionals when it comes to garage door opener repair and replacement.

Most people think that the force that opens and closes the garage door is the garage door opener/motor, it’s actually the garage door spring system that is in charge of opening even the heaviest garage doors. But that doesn’t change the need for a strong and reliable garage door opener 

Over the years we have serviced and Installed all major garage door opener brands including Liftmaster, Genie, Linear, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Sears, and many more.

Your Garage Door Opener is Not Working Correctly?

Automatic garage door openers make our life much easier, No matter if you have a chain drive opener, or a belt drive opener, a residential double car garage in Fort Lauderdale FL, Boca Raton FL, or a single garage door in North Miami FL, Safety comes first!

Safety sensors federal law require all automatic garage door openers, residential or commercial must include a reverse safety feature, like safety sensors.
Safety sensors are installed on each side of the garage door opening and are facing each other, located 6 inches above the floor in order for the laser beam between them to work properly.

Whenever the garage door opener is closing, and someone crosses the laser beam, the garage door opener will stop its movement immediately and reverse to an opening position. This way, whatever it is that crossed the beam whether it is a person, a pet, a car, or any other thing, is protected from being hit or hit by the garage door.

Whether you need a new garage door opener or an old one repaired or just have questions, we can help.

With a variety of New Garage Door Openers to choose from, and all garage door opener parts, Garage door spring and opener repair trucks are at all times fully equipped for repairing your garage door opener.

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If your garage door opener needs repair or replacement please contact us at Garage Door Springs And Opener Repair to schedule  an appointment for same-day service at an affordable price

Important: Not all cases require you to purchase a new motor, many openers can be repaired. Our technicians are professionals who will perform only the actual services necessary and you’ll enjoy peace of mind for many years to come.